June 16th Game Update

We had a great season opener two weeks ago on June 2nd, and are glad we could share the day with those that came out. Our second game of the 2018 Season is coming up this Saturday, June 16th. The field will undoubtedly be even drier than before, with the warm weather we've been receiving. The forecast for this weekend looks good, if a little on the warm side. We are currently looking at temperatures in the upper 80's with some humidity to boot. Remember your water this weekend, hydration will be important for this coming game.

The mosquitos are still quite bad at the field, flying in thick swarms, waiting to carry people away. Make sure you bring repellant or you will be on the menu. Likewise ticks are also very bad this year, so make certain you are prepared with repellant, and check yourself after every day in the woods.

Our gates will open at AM this Saturday for time in fellowship and the Word. Everyone is welcome to join us. Our tables will be open at around AM to start our day, and we will get games rolling around AM. We hope to see you all at the field!


Our Mission

We are the Sons of Thunder, fighting for the hearts of the lost, the damned, the broken; seeking first the Kingdom of God. Let our voice be heard by all those willing to listen. Hear us, Join us, Fight with us, Sons of Thunder.

Our mission is simple, seek after the Kingdom of our God, and share His good news with all who are willing to listen. The Sons of Thunder of the Bible, James and John, were the sons of Zebedee, a fisherman. These brothers encountered Jesus while mending fishing nets and immediately left their lives and family to follow after Him. James and John were boisterous men that were quick to action; they were men like many of us, flawed, brash, and short of temper. They were also zealous men that followed after our Saviour, Jesus. These men became Disciples, dedicating their lives in service for God, seeing the blessings He provides. These brothers were transformed, made into new men in the presence of Jesus. Make no mistake they were still zealous men, but they're zeal was for the Lord. Our outreach is named after these brothers, because we are much like them. We can be aggressive and sometimes quick to action, but we encountered Jesus and our lives were never the same. We seek after His Kingdom, and desire to share our faith with anyone who wants to listen.

The Sons of Thunder is a 501c3 non-profit Christian organization that works in our community through outreach events. We seek to provide an environment where families and friends can come together and enjoy time in fellowship; where bonds can be built and strengthened. We also spend time in the Word at our events, sharing our faith with any who chose to listen. We welcome everyone to our events, from all walks of life; if you'd like to spend time in fellowship we will gladly have you.

Simply put, we are a group of men seeking after the Lord, serving Him in our community. We have seen Him work in our lives, and through our outreach. We welcome you to experience it too.